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Quick answer: long press on the network or movie you’d like to put in your favorites and select ADD TO FAVORITES. These shows and movies will now be in your FAVORITES categories.

Quick answer: format your TV show or movie to fit your screen.While your show or movie is playing, click the select button on your Amazon Firestick remote. Scroll over to the left and click on the resize/crop icon (it’s a square). Click this icon until you have the formatted view you prefer.

Quick answer: change your decoder back and forth from HW (hardware) to SW (software).
While watching your programming, simply hit the large circular button on your Amazon Firestick remote. Scroll to the right to select or deselect HW. This will toggle you back and forth from the hardware and software decoders for a smoother viewing experience.

Quick answer: reset your programming. We likely updated channels and movies.
While on the LIVE TV screen, scroll to the upper right hand side that shows the settings menu (3 small dots). Select “Refresh Channels, Movies and Series”. Also select “Refresh TV Guide”. To make sure your KINGTV device continues to show you the most updated programming. Make sure there are check marks next to both Auto-Update options.

Quick answer: long press on the network you’d like to record and select START RECORDING.
NOTE: Recording is only available on Android and Amazon Firestick. It is not available on the web player.

IPTV allows for the streaming of television content via Internet Protocol networks.

A speed of 25-35 Mbps is recommended for a smooth experience on IPTV.

A VPN is an encrypted connection facilitating secure access to a network over the Internet.

Using a VPN app can prevent advertisers from accessing personal data while streaming IPTV.

Kingtv Providers provides support within 24 hours for subscription activation inquiries.

To renew, provide your King TV Pro SN number to the support team.

Kingtv allows usage across multiple devices within the same household.

Opt for an IPTV plan that offers multiple concurrent streams.

Lower the video quality in your IPTV app to reduce buffering.

I Can Load The Channel List, But All The Channels Are Black.

restart of your router and device can refresh your connection and solve channel list loading problems.

Performing a restart on both your router and device can fix the majority of streaming issues.

Engaging in illegal IPTV services may lead to blacklisting and internet service suspension.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol television.

King TV premiered on April 17, 2011, in the Seattle–Tacoma–Everett region of Washington, United States.

King TV broadcasts on Asia Set 7 and reaches over 106 countries.

Using a VPN can prevent advertisers from accessing your personal information during IPTV streaming.

IPTV technology itself is legal; however, using IPTV services must comply with UAE regulations.

No, KING 5 is not owned by Sinclair; it is a part of TEGNA Inc.

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